School Lunches

Mount Claremont Primary School uses Locavora for school lunches.

Locavora school lunch orders are made daily in the West Perth kitchen using fresh ingredients that are packed full of flavour and nutrients, perfect for growing bodies!

How Do I Set Up My Account?

Use the registration form above to create your account. Once created and logged in, go to the Manage Students section of your account and set up the students that you will be ordering for.

Ordering Online

To place an order visit the Locavora website you must first be registered. Once you have logged in with your account, simply browse our menu to find the food you want. When purchasing an item from the menu, you will also be prompted to select which student the item is for.

Once you are ready, proceed to the checkout where you will be asked what day you want the order delivered.

Download the School Ordering guide.

To order view the online menu at Locavora.

Late Orders

Cut off time to place a lunch order is 8:30am for same day delivery Monday to Thursday. Due to the high volume of orders on Fridays, the cut off time is now 7:00am Friday for same day delivery. To place an order after the cut off time please call the store on 9481 4500, our store mobile on 0473 779 244.

Late orders will not be accepted after 9:00am Monday to Thursday. Due to the volume of orders we do not accept any late orders on Fridays via phone, text or email. 

Find out more at Locavara website.

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