Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Mount Claremont Primary School. It is a privilege to lead a proud Independent Public School. Mount Claremont Primary School, established in 1917, has a long history of academic excellence, community support and the provision of a wide range of opportunities to enhance learning.  

On behalf of our dedicated staff, I look forward to forging a strong partnership with you to foster an inclusive school community which inspires high quality education and care.

We strive for a holistic approach to education with a focus on improving student progress, academic achievement and health and wellbeing. We build positive relationships with students, staff, and parents to create a sense of belonging at Mount Claremont.

Our aim is for students to develop positive relationships, embrace diversity, inspire a deep appreciation for the environment and to treat themselves and others with respect.  

We believe there is a unique culture at Mount Claremont and this community spirit is evident immediately when walking into the school and it invokes a sense of belonging and a lifelong association.  We are like a country school in the city!  Students build their future upon the foundations that Mount Claremont Primary School provides. 

Together we wish you a meaningful and successful experience as a valued member of our school community. 

There will be many opportunities to contribute and participate in school life. Please take advantage of this and join us for the school activities and events.


Tracey Oakes