Music / IMSS

Mount Claremont Primary School provides a dedicated music program for its students. The program provides all students in years pre-primary to year 6 with general music instruction each week and also provides instrumental tuition to selected students in years 5 & 6.

In music classes, students cover the elements of music through listening, playing, composing, arranging, writing, singing, reading, reflecting and responding, movement and performance. They gain skills in rhythm and note recognition, singing, song writing, dance routines, body percussion, playing percussion instruments, audience and performance etiquette and practice. They are exposed to a range of musical styles, including rock, pop, classical, jazz, world, movie and film, musical theatre and rap. The general music program provides students in pre-primary to year 6 to learn and experience music in an enjoyable and informative manner. Performances and class items are regularly showcased for the school and wider community. Students have the opportunity to join the year 3-6 school choir and the year 5/6 band.

The special instrumental program provided by The Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS); which operates in conjunction with our general program, is only offered to students who demonstrate high musical aptitude. The testing is conducted annually and is aimed to discover aptitude to instrumental instruction.

Every year 15 year 4 students who have been identified as having the potential to achieve musically are offered either brass, clarinet or guitar commencing in yer 5. Once a student takes up an instrument they will not be offered another instrument even if they give up that instrument.
Please note:

  1. School timetables will not be altered for music students. Lessons are in school time and students involved in lessons will miss some classroom time. Students are responsible to catch up on work missed.
  2. Practice – Students will need to practice at home regularly.
  3. Students are not to withdraw from the programme.

All lessons offered are free of tuition charge, however a resource charge is payable to the school. (Refer to School Contributions and Charges Sheet).