The Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program provides enrichment and extension activities for exceptionally able children in Years 5 and 6. All Year 4 students are assessed in Term 2.

Parents have the option to notify the Principal if they prefer their child not to be assessed. Students who are identified in the 98th percentile and above are eligible to nominate for a PEAC course. There are three rounds of PEAC courses run each year and students are given the opportunity to nominate their preferences from approximately 20 courses. Generally the courses are of nine weeks duration and are offered at a range of school sites.

Parents are responsible for arranging transport to and from the course venues. Fortunately, Mount Claremont Primary School has a PEAC centre on the school site providing convenient access for our students. 

The PEAC teachers are part of our school community and we are fortunate to have their expertise to support gifted and talented students.